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Academy Membership

Learn to play golf at Wickham Park with our introductory academy membership.

You will benefit from:

Access to the golf course at off-peak times

Play at twilight hours, when you are not under pressure, and can enjoy learning and building your confidence over 3, 5, or 9 holes

Invite to our Monthly Playing Event

You will be invited to a monthly playing event, hosted by one of our PGA Professionals

Weekly Newsletter with Tips and Special Offers

Be the first to find out about special offers, learn from our professionals and have first refusal on UK coaching trips

Discounted Practice Club Sessions

Weekly practice club sessions are hosted by our professionals so you can continue to hone your skills, we know it takes time to improve and we’re here to support you all the way!


Academy Membership is a 12 month membership and is available for just £50.00 per month

*Discounted Private Coaching*

You can book an additional 3 hours of private coaching with one of our PGA Professionals to help you on your journey to becoming a full member of the golf club, just £150.00

Why is Academy Membership right for you?

Our academy membership is right for you if you are learning or returning to the game, and are not yet confident enough to play 9 or 18 holes regularly.

Get to know other people

You are not alone in making this journey to being club and course ready, we will introduce you to others on the same journey and you will create friendships that will last a lifetime!

Flexible Programmes

Your coach will explain how our programmes can be tailored to suit the amount of time you have to practice and play, and the time with your coach can be used flexibly both on the practice ground and on the course!

Measure improvement

We use simple statistics to measure your improvement throughout your journey to being club and course ready. We need to make sure you are improving and that the areas we are working on are having a positive impact on your game.

Support & Guidance

We also encourage all our students to provide us with feedback away from their lessons too. The more information we have the better service we can provide.

Expert PGA Coaches

All our coaches have gone through the PGA training programme, 3 years of extensive study and plenty of experience that will benefit you in your lessons.

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