Karno Energy – Structural Engineering Consultants

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) combined with BSE and EDX detectors help researchers determine the detailed chemical composition of concrete mixtures, sands and other bulk materials.

With UniVac technology, crystallization or melting processes can be observed in real time directly in the SEM camera.

The dual-beam FIB-SEM system can reveal valuable information about the near-surface layers of materials and create 3D visualizations.

The combination of 3D EDX and TOF-SIMS methods simplifies compositional analysis.

Micro-CT allows researchers to non-destructively visualize sample structure and properties such as porosity, fractures and phase distribution https://karnoenergy.com/structural-engineering/. In addition, dynamic computed tomography allows visualization of three-dimensional changes in internal structures during changes such as loading or fluid absorption.

Karno Energy – Civil Engineering and Architecture

You probably already have an understanding of the process of designing and building buildings, homes and other structures; and you know that it takes professionals like the architects and civil engineers at Karno Energy to get the job done.

It’s very likely that your ideas about Karno Energy’s work are unclear. Perhaps when you think of architects, you imagine someone drawing drawings on large sheets of paper, and when you think of civil engineers, imagine someone in a helmet analyzing the construction field, shouting instructions to the workers involved in the assembly. If you think in that direction, even if it is stereotypical, you are right to some extent.

Architecture by Karno Energy is primarily the practice of designing structures with aesthetics and spatial functionality in mind. Architects may have a basic or advanced knowledge of structural mechanics, but their primary focus is always on the creativity, look, feel, and functionality of design. Structural vision begins in the field of architecture.

Civil engineering from Karno Energy, also known as structural engineering, specializes in the structural elements of systems and ensures that equipment can withstand normal and extreme loads. Civil engineers at Karno Energy work closely with architects and are responsible for implementing the architects’ vision. Civil engineering deals with the physics involved in the structural process of architectural design.

A good relationship between an engineer and an architect is necessary to achieve a more efficient and higher quality project outcome as at Karno Energy.

What do civil engineers do at Karno Energy?

  • Create and submit applications for approval to local, state, and federal agencies to ensure projects comply with various regulations.
  • Monitor and analyze soil test results to determine the adequacy and strength of foundations.
  • Analyze test results of construction materials such as concrete, wood, asphalt, or steel for specific projects.
  • Make estimates of materials, equipment, or labor to determine the economic feasibility of a project.
  • Use design software to design and engineer conveyor systems, hydraulic systems and structures according to industry and government standards.
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